Defining your identity

Leveraging our unique position as wine industry and research specialists, alongside our team’s creative expertise, we ensure that your unique selling points are at the forefront of our strategic plan. Each marketing activity thereafter is designed to achieve your ambitions, whether that’s becoming a coveted global icon or a hidden gem with a cult following.

The Detail

Brand strategy

Having worked with over 100 fine wine producers around the world, Wine Lister understands what makes our clients’ brand, target audience, and selling points truly unique. This helps us to create a long-term identity that reflects your DNA and ambitions within a crowded market.

Wine storytelling

Through original, meticulously crafted copywriting, Wine Lister can identify, create, and refine the stories that will resonate with your target audience, ensuring that every aspect of your brand - from your terroir and history, through to your team and techniques – is understood and appreciated.

Monitoring your success

Throughout our communication collaborations, Wine Lister refers back constantly to the defined strategy plan and provides quarterly progress reports. Alongside monthly client meetings, this retrospective ensures that our teams continue to be aligned on our ongoing projects.

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