Industry insights

Wine Lister’s trade surveys are created alongside your team to provide invaluable insights into the perception of your brand, your competitors, and your consumers’ behaviour – informing your strategy from price positioning and distribution to labelling and marketing efforts. Our experienced team of fine wine experts translates these insights into concrete initiatives to drive the growth of your brand.

Trade surveys
Our trade questionnaires are distributed to a bespoke recipient list based on your area of investigation (including importers, merchants, négociants, and sommeliers, across specific fine wine markets), with their anonymised feedback helping you to identify your wines' strengths and weaknesses in the eyes of those that matter most.
Consumer research
Using our database of over 2,200 fine wine collectors subscribed to our online data tools, alongside data partnerships, Wine Lister has the unique ability to extract insights, through meticulous interviews, from consumers across the world. This provides clients with a deep understanding of interests, experiences, and purchasing decisions of their target customers.
Wine market testing
Drawing on its unparalleled network, Wine Lister is able to test the major decisions of its clients (including name, label, price, and more) to establish how well a wine or business development will be received by the international fine wine trade, ensuring that all potential benefits and risks have been screened.