Ella Lister
Founder & CEO
Ella’s heart will always be true to French and Italian wine, from Pomerol to Piedmont, via the Loire (Chenin), Burgundy, and Tuscany (Sangiovese), but Spain and Greece are currently piquing her interest.
Tara Albini
Head of Clients & Marketing
Alongside Jura’s native Savagnin, Tara holds dear to her heart Italy’s two pre-eminent indigenous grapes – Sangiovese and Nebbiolo – which inspire in her an irreplicable sense of nostalgia upon each sip.
Nicolas Billy
Head of Data
When it comes to wine, Nicolas enjoys taking deep dives into specific regions. His latest obsessions include Pinot Noir from Sancerre and Menetou-Salon, particularly Alphonse Mellot.
Oleksandr Semenov
Lead Developer
Oleksandr was 13 when he first tasted the family wine, made by his father in vineyards next to their house in Ukraine. He acquired a taste for wine, and his favourite grape variety now is Pinot Noir.
Xenia Praksina
Events & Press Communications Manager
While Xenia’s current crush is Pinot Noir, particularly from Alsace and New Zealand, she would never say no to a white Burgundy, and loves trying indigenous grape varieties from lesser-known regions.
Kevin Chan
Kevin’s current fascination lies with the longevity of Riesling and the diverse offerings of grower Champagnes.
Aidan Griffiths
Account Manager
Aidan is a fervent believer that French wines are classics for a reason, but loves to try wines from lesser-known regions with just as rich a heritage, such as Georgian or Greek wines.
Juliet Lecouffe
Content Coordinator
Juliet’s wine loyalties lie with her adopted homeland, France, but her head has occasionally been turned by wines from other, more exotic climes. She can still taste the full-throated, aromatic Malbec she drank in Cafayate, Argentina, and will never forget the deliciously crisp Chardonnay she discovered in Stellenbosch, South Africa.
Rosie Bickerdike
Marketing Assistant
Rosie is fond of Rieslings, and a firm favourite of hers is Burgundian Pinot Noir.
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