Trade and press communications

Trade and press communications are essential for fine wine brands, enabling them to establish credibility, build relationships with industry leaders, and effectively promote their wines. Wine Lister’s extensive network of both wine and luxury lifestyle journalists helps producers garner critic scores, secure coverage, get rated by critics, and drive increase consumer awareness, while our close trade contacts help to establish distribution and encourage the success of a wine’s market performance.

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Identifying targets
Wine Lister can help you to identify the most relevant audience to hear your message, ensuring your communications goals are achieved, and that your brand is protected in the process. Wine Lister prides itself on taking a rigorous and considered approach when identifying trade and press contacts for our clients, making sure that this target list is completely in line with your strategy.
Building relationships
Drawing upon Wine Lister’s genuine relationships within the international fine wine sphere, our communication service provides an avenue for our clients to build, nurture, and maintain important relationships with trade and press members. By building a loyal audience, our clients are able to enhance their credibility and increase their market reach.
Sharing your stories
At Wine Lister, we tell our clients’ stories through engaging press campaigns, effectively communicating their unique selling points to critics, fine wine and luxury lifestyle journalists, and their readers. Drawing upon the creativity and industry experience of our team, Wine Lister crafts media strategies and press releases that resonate with those that receive them.
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