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Tasting and event organisation

Wine Lister’s expertise extends to the organisation of flawlessly executed events in London and beyond that provide a unique and immersive journey into the world of our clients’ wines. With a deep understanding of the fine wine industry and an unmatched network of trade figures, journalists, influencers, and collectors, we specialise in creating captivating experiences that elevate your brand and connect you with the right audience. Whether you're launching your latest vintage, introducing a new ownership or management, or simply hoping to build or strengthen relationships in the UK market, we curate engaging experiences that reflect the essence of your brand, with every detail – from concept creation to event logistics – managed by us.

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Tailored to your vision
We understand that every wine brand is unique, and your event should reflect that individuality. Our team works closely with you to understand your vision, goals, and preferences. Whether an intimate gathering or a grand celebration, we tailor our luxury event planning to align perfectly with your brand identity and objectives.
Storytelling that resonates
We believe in the power of storytelling: each event is an opportunity to tell your story and connect emotionally with your target audience. Through curated narratives and engaging experiences, we ensure that your wines are not just tasted but experienced, creating memories that resonate with our guests long after the event.
Data-driven planning
Just as data underpins our specialist consulting services, it also guides our event planning process. We draw on insider market knowledge and fine wine industry insights to tailor events that help you reach your goals. This methodological approach allows us to deliver luxury events that drive meaningful engagement and connections.
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