Fine wine benchmarking

For the last seven years, Wine Lister has been creating bespoke, 360-degree benchmarking reports for many of the world’s top fine wine producers, allowing them to monitor, increase, or reinforce their leading market position. Drawing on our fine wine data model and rating system, Wine Lister’s positioning reports evaluate the performance of a wine in terms of quality, brand strength, and economics. Each wine undergoes a series of analyses using the wealth of information at our disposal thanks to our unique datasets, exclusive data partnerships, and insider insights.

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Quantitative data
Wine Lister’s reports are informed by 15 metrics that are carefully selected to reveal quantitatively the relative strengths and weaknesses across every aspect of a wine. Bespoke iterations of these studies can further incorporate additional wine data points depending on your concerns.
Qualitative insights
Wine Lister’s benchmarking reports include the results of our annual Founding Member Survey, revealing the uncensored views on your wine and its competitors, and recommendations for potential improvements, according to over 50 key fine wine trade players from across the globe.
Industry expertise
Throughout our reports, the Wine Lister team supports analysis with written insights, commentary, and recommendations, concluding with considerations of what is next for each wine. We present the report to your team in person or via video call for you to get the most out of our findings and discuss in detail the best next steps.