Unparalleled research and insights

The right data and research can be a major tool to empower decision-makers and enlighten stakeholders, providing crucial insights into the performance and perception of a wine brand, whilst revealing short- and long-term potential. Our extensive experience in using data alongside trade and consumer insights means we can interpret, understand, and explain results in a bespoke and methodical manner. Having worked with over 100 fine wine producers around the world, we have amassed a portfolio of case studies from which we can draw best practice examples and provide informed advice.

The Detail

Our services

Wine Lister’s producer positioning reports offer a 360-degree perspective on the global performance of your wine brand, through data-driven benchmarking against custom-built peer groups. Relying on 15 unique metrics, obtained via extensive proprietary research and exclusive data partnerships, these bespoke studies identify pragmatic opportunities to grow your business, brand, and revenues.

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Bespoke consulting

From pricing strategy and pre-acquisition due diligence, to market presence analysis and consumer research, Wine Lister has an array of data sources and industry insights to investigate and solve our client’s needs, in order to deliver substantial value to their company.

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Market research

Wine Lister's trade surveys reveal industry perceptions of your wine and business activities across your key markets. Using our network of over 400 senior industry figures around the world, our questionnaires provide invaluable insights to inform your strategy, from distribution and price positioning to marketing and communication.

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