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Prices on Wine Lister are provided by our price data partner, Wine Owners. Wine Owners' proprietary algorithms process tens of millions of rows of incoming pricing data from Wine-Searcher to calculate a market level - the price before selling commission at which a wine is likely to find a ready buyer - based on market supply and spread models.

These algorithms examine a wine's liquidity profile and age, analyse the range of market prices between the lowest available price or prices and the mean of all reported retail and broker prices, run outlier processing to catch pricing that falls well outside the expected pricing pattern, prioritise trusted merchants, and more.

For example, rare wines, old vintages, and wines with limited liquidity are treated differently to top Bordeaux from more recent vintages where there is substantially greater market availability.

Tax and duty

All prices quoted are exclusive of duty and sales tax (VAT), and are therefore equivalent to the in-bond price.