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Terre de vins

26th June 2017

Wine Lister : connaître la véritable cote des vins

June 2017

La potion magique du vin parfait

Sud Ouest

17th May 2017

Millésime 2016 : le "retour en force" de Bordeaux selon Wine Lister

The Guardian

23rd April 2017

Can’t afford the finest wines from Burgundy and Bordeaux? Try these instead


29th March 2017

Bordeaux 2016: What merchants and traders are saying about price

Corriere Della Sera

27th March 2017

Il futuro del vino toscano Bolgheri superstar. E gli altri?

Wine News

27th March 2017

“Tuscany - A global contender”, la Toscana del vino nei numeri analizzati dal report di "Wine Lister"


17th December 2016

Wine expert Robert Parker leaves a pointed legacy


November 2016

The Spear's 500 - Ella Lister, Wine Lister


14th September 2016

Are Wine Ratings Good for Wine Investment?

September 2016

Le bordeaux bashing tué par une Anglaise


17th August 2016

Hundreds and thousands: Wine Lister

Wine Crush

17th August 2016

Wine Crush


9th August 2016

Wine-Lister Uncorks Data-Based Fine Wine Analytics


July 2016

Exclusive Blind Tasting Dinner of Wine Lister in Hong Kong


2nd June 2016



2nd June 2016

Wine Lister, le site pour départager le fin du fine wine


30th May 2016

Score del vino e Big Data, debutta Wine Lister

journo do brasil

19th May 2016

Novo sistema de pontuação une paixão e espírito analítico


19th May 2016

Are You Ready for a 1000-Point Wine?

wine paper

17th May 2016

Wine Lister, un nouveau standard de notation des vins

15th May 2016

Une agence de notation pour les vins


13th May 2016

Do You Need Wine-Lister, a New 1000-Point Wine Rating System?


14th April 2016

1000 Points Of Algorithm Shine On Wine

drinks business

8th April 2016

Wine Lister claims 'New Standard' in wine rating


8th April 2016

Wine Lister veut révolutionner la notation des vins


5th April 2016

Wine Lister: Making New Points

Wine Lister News

28th June 2016

Big name fine wines prove they deserve their status in a Hong Kong blind tasting. Read press release

25th May 2016

Would a new rating system confirm or upset existing Bordeaux classifications? Wine Lister examined this question at a conference at Vinexpo Hong Kong. View presentation

5th April 2016

Wine Lister - the new standard in wine rating - launching soon. Read press release
Wine Lister - le nouveau standard de notation des vins - lancement bientôt. Lire communiqué de presse