Data and analysis: Wine Lister’s bread and butter

Inspiring the design of our new website, our new logo reflects the two branches of our bespoke strategic consulting services – data and analysis, and strategic marketing and communications – which our team often combines to provide the most effective advice to our clients. A serif font and inverted comma evoke storytelling and communications, while a sans-serif font and bar-chart-inspired “E” (maintaining a link with the previous logo and Wine Lister’s roots) represent data and analytics.

Since we were founded in 2016, data has remained at Wine Lister’s core and continues to form a significant part of our fine wine consulting services. In the light of our relaunch last week as a 360 ° consulting agency, we are extremely proud to look back on the development of our analysis (our “bread and butter”). While our original data model still informs a large proportion of our client reports, our analytical consulting now includes a range of bespoke studies and advice, from distribution and pricing to consumer characterisation and blind tasting. We are excited to share with our industry friends, and past, present, and potential clients, exactly what we do and how we can help, and we look forward to watching the branches of our business continue to grow.

The three sub-services outlined below are the key pillars of our data and analysis division, though are merely a starting point for the bespoke analysis we provide.


For the last seven years, Wine Lister has been creating producer positioning reports for many of the world’s top fine wine producers. We offer a 360-degree perspective on the global performance of your wine brand through data-driven benchmarking against custom-built peer groups. Relying on 15 unique data points and including the results of our annual Founding Member Survey, these bespoke studies identify pragmatic opportunities to grow your business, brand, and revenues.

Bespoke consulting

From pricing strategy and pre-acquisition due diligence to market presence analysis and consumer research, Wine Lister has an array of data sources and industry insights to investigate and solve our client’s needs and to deliver substantial value to their company. Designed and executed on a case-by-case basis and guided by a wealth of critics’ scores, market prices, and our partnership with Wine-Searcher: we can help guide your strategy.

Market research

Wine Lister’s trade surveys reveal industry perceptions of your wine and business activities across your key markets. Using our network of over 400 senior industry figures around the world, our questionnaires provide invaluable insights to inform your strategy and drive the growth of your brand. Thanks to our unparalleled network, we can ensure all the potential benefits and risks of our client’s major decisions have been screened.


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“Over the last few years, Wine Lister’s reports have allowed us to monitor precisely the evolution of our brand’s positioning around the world, particularly in the UK, and have helped us assess in great detail the strengths and weaknesses of our distribution.”


“The analyses produced enable wine professionals and consumers alike to get a comprehensive picture of the fine wine market and the positioning of each cru. As producers, we appreciate the expertise of the team behind the platform, which is both modern and highly professional.”


Wine Lister relaunches as a 360° consulting agency


“The launch of our new website and logo marks a significant moment in the evolution of Wine Lister. The new design reflects the holistic nature of our activities, providing bespoke strategic consulting and insider insights to key players in the fine wine ecosystem, marrying analysis and marketing services.”


Over the last seven years, Wine Lister’s increasing wealth of fine wine knowledge and market intelligence has become a key asset to more than 100 of the world’s top wineries, encouraging the evolution of the company’s strategy and services to match the needs of this group. To reflect the fine wine consulting offering at the core of our business, Wine Lister is launching a new website accompanied by an updated brand image.

Wine Lister’s online database of over 80 million rows of data will continue to exist on its new site, and its Pro+ subscription continues to help fine wine buying and sales teams around the world. Meanwhile, the new website will provide visitors with a richer insight into Wine Lister’s flourishing strategic analysis and communication services.

Wine Lister’s groundbreaking data model continues to inform a significant part of these consulting solutions, which now also include a range of bespoke analysis and advice, from distribution and pricing to strategic marketing, communications, and event organisation. As outlined on its new site, Wine Lister’s specialist services are designed entirely around each wine producer’s unique challenges and ambitions. These services can be loosely categorised into two pillars: data and analysis, and strategic marketing and communications.

In practice, these divisions often come together in order to provide the most effective advice to our clients, and are reflected in the dual design of Wine Lister’s new logo: a serif font and inverted comma evoke storytelling and communications, while a sans-serif font and bar-chart-inspired “E” (maintaining a link with the previous logo and Wine Lister’s roots) represent data and analytics.

“We are excited to unveil a new website and logo that accurately reflect who we have evolved to become today. After the last seven years of ceaselessly learning from, and responding to, the needs of the fine wine world’s leading players, we are more focussed than ever on delivering valuable strategic recommendations, backed by our data, our industry expertise, and our relationships. We believe that this new website will allow past, present, and potential clients to understand exactly how we can help them accomplish their goals.”

                         – ELLA LISTER